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About Us

Established in 1981 (as Matrix Engineering) Matrix Cutting Tools Private Limited offers a wide range of Cutting Blades and Machine Knives customized for different industrial applications. In addition to the latest CNC machining equipment and tools, we have quality control & testing laboratory at our factory in New Delhi. The latter two, in conjunction, form the backbone of our Research & Development initiative.

The R&D initiative has been one of continuous improvement. We have developed proprietary compositions of alloys, and processes for the manufacturing thereof, that give our knives high toughness, excellent wear resistance and superb edge retention properties. We match, in all cases, and exceed in more than a few, the actual in-use experience of the best-performing blades, internationally! It is this commitment to excellence that drives us to continue investing 7-10% of our turnover annually for R&D.

Specialist to the Woodworking Specialists.

We specialise in the manufacture of Chipper Knives, Peeling Knives, Flaker Knives & Wear parts for Wood Working Machines and are a major supplier of these Knives to reputed Paper Mills, Particle Board and MDF Plants & Plywood units in the Indian Subcontinent. We offer knives made from Chipper Steel, Cladded Steel and Special Grade wear resisting Steels.

Cutting Edge Technology for your Paper cutting needs.

We Manufacture Guillotine Knives, Sheet Cutter Knives, Stitching Knives and Knives for Three Knife Trimmers.

Available in different sizes up to 3000mm length in single piece, made from Solid Alloy Steel, Cladded Steel and High Speed Steel, these knives are suitable for cutting paper, card board, duplex board and film.

Apart form the Indian Market, these Knives are being exported to the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.