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Why Us


Nearly 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of Industrial Knives for wood working and paper cutting applications.

Selection of various grades of steel tailored to match performance with cost.

Capability to manufacture knives up to 3000 mm in length in a single piece.


Manufactured using proprietary knowledge of materials and processes, honed over the years through constant Research and Innovation.

Use of top quality steels, sourced from world’s best manufacturers.

Zero defect testing and certification for every knife.

Total in-house end-to-end manufacturing on the latest & world’s best CNC machines.


Responsive manufacturing system.

Partnering with industry’s best Logistics Companies for quick transport and delivery.

Cost Effectiveness

Internationally competitive prices.

Increased blade life due to specialized Heat treament processes.

Reduced grinding costs due to longer edge life availed between two re-sharpenings.

Training & After Sales Support

We organise on-site training programmes for your staff on:

1. Knife re-sharpening & Honing
2. Tips to improve productivity of the Knives.
3. Selection criteria for the right grade of grinding wheels & segments.


Special sizes can be customised on order.